Three-Barrel Cove

Three-Barrel Cove

This page is dedicated to the Dungeons and Dragons Online Exploration Area called Three-Barrel Cove. This area is available to DDO characters level 3 through 8. The normal level difference penalties for questing do not apply for parties in adventure areas. You can get to Three-Barrel Cove by speaking with Evi Joss in House Deneith, or catching a boat from Nadine Shipton in the Harbor. There are 1 Slayer Quest, 20 Exploration Points, and 13 Rare Encounters in this zone.

Slayer Quest

10 killed earns 120 experience.
25 killed earns 215 experience.
50 killed earns 360 experience.
100 killed earns 655 experience.
200 killed earns 1230 experience.
400 killed earns 2400 experience.
750 killed earns 4310 experience.

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The map is somewhat difficult to navigate, due to cliffs and walls and trees. When you're new to it, following the coast isn't a bad idea, and you can pick up some of the shortcuts through the terrain as you adventure further.

Explorer Quest

Each location is worth 200 experience. Finding all 20 locations is worth 1000 experience.

Find the Elusive Bounty: Located in the Northwest, out in the water. To get to it, you need to swim out to the location and look for a place to swim down into the maze of tunnels. There's really only one way through, but it weaves side to side and up and down a lot. At the end of the underwater tunnels you'll find a large pile of treasure. That's the exploration point.

Find the Salty Wench Tavern: Located in the Southeast corner, at the far inside of the town-like area of the map. This is where you come into Three-Barrel Cove from House Deneith.

Find The Black Loch: Located at the top of the cliffs in the South-central part of the map. The way up is on the West side of the bluff. This is where you come into Three-Barrel Cove from Stormreach Harbor.

Find the West Wind's Mistress: Located in the far Northeast corner, this is an air ship at the top of the hill.

Find the Lady Luck: Located in the center of the map, this is a ship with its bow stuck in the ground.

Find the Bazaar Crescent: Located on an island at the West side of the map, centrally located North-South.

Find Admiral Ancker's Encampment: Located in the center of the lagoon on the North side. This is surrounded by kobolds.

Find the Crow's Nest: Located on the South-facing cliff overlooking the waters at the South of the map. Get there from the Salty Wench by following the cliff-line along the water.

Find the Bell Tower: Located on a tall island just Southeast of the Black Loch, and connected by bridges to the main land. Get there from the Black Loch.

Find the Good Fortune: Located in the water on the West side of the map, just Northwest of the island with the Bazaar Crescent on it. These ship ruins are completely underwater.

Find the Rotten Shark: Located in the far Northwest corner, this is a wrecked ship.

Find the Smuggler's Dock: Located in the far Southeast corner.

Find the Orc Pirate's Stronghold: Located in the central East part of the map, in the area with all the orcs, just South of all the fire mephits. The stronghold is walled off and is sort of an alcove off the rest of the orc area.

Find Lars Riflee: Located on the dock next to the big ship outside the Salty Wench Tavern.

Discover The Wheeping Cove: Located in the water under the wrecked ship in the South central part of the map (the Southern lagoon).

Find Garl's Tomb: Located at the base of the waterfall at the end of the river that leads to the Southern lagoon.

Find the Fire Caves: Located in the Northeast up in the area with the lava pits. You have to go past the fire mephits to get there.

Find Scoundrel's Run: Located on the Northwest side of the land, under the cover of the forest. To get there, find the forest-covered path that leads between the Northern lagoon and the West side of the island. That path branches North, which then leads to Scoundrel's Run.

Find Goldhorn's Repository: Located just off the Northwest coast, this is an underwater entrace that you can see from the shore.

Find Rackam's Trial: Located in the center of the island, just around the corner from the Lady Luck.

Rare Encounters Quest

Each encounter is worth 400 experience. Completing all 13 encounters is worth 2600 experience.

Slay Ilmarin Tychonn, Air Pirate Captain: (CR 2) Located on West Wind's Mistress, the air ship.

Slay Dybesh Relix, First Mate: (CR 7) Located in the woods on the West part of the mainland. There is a path leading from the Southern lagoon to the West coast, and this path is well protected by pirates. Dybesh spawns near the little pit with the barrels in it, which is near the main campfire.

Slay Hafgrim Moonhowler, Bugbear Shanty Singer: (CR 7) Located at the far Northern end of the path leading through the orc area.

Slay Scorchtusk, Minotaur Bruiser: (CR 8) Located at the pile of boxes just outside the Salty Wench Tavern.

Slay Captain Dustdyn, Orc Pirate Captain: (CR 7) Located in the Orc Pirate's Stronghold.

Slay Chortle, Hyena Packmaster: (CR 7) Located in the woods just South of Rackam's Trial.

Slay Lacerator, Scorpion Manhunter: (CR ?) Located on the beach in the Southern lagoon. He's on the Southwest-most ramp from the water.

Slay Vitia, Darkfang Slayer: (CR 7) Located in the darkfang spider nest in the Northwest forest. Follow the upper level Southwest from Scoundrel's Run to get to the spiders.

Slay Thrum, Ancient Earth Elemental: (CR 8) Located on the Northwest corner of the coast. He appears as a pile of rocks in the water at the edge of the land, until you get close.

Slay Brine, Sahuagin Chieftan: (CR 7) Located on the West coast, where all the sahuagin hang out. There is a large skull and bloody sacrifice at the spot where he spawns.

Slay Dulse, Champion of The Devourer: (CR 7) Located on the island at the far Southwest, this guy is a troll.

Slay Admiral Ancker, Kobold Sea Captain: (CR 7) Located on the island at the center of the Northern lagoon.

Slay Cannoneer Strinati, Fallen Crewman: (CR 7) Located in the Southern lagoon, he'll pop up when you get close, just like the rest of the skeletons.

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